Specialists in managing real estate investments. Real estate investments, both South African and global, is our speciality and our passion. It’s what energises us and keeps us motivated. The business was born out of a firm belief in the distinctive benefits of including this asset class in an investment portfolio. In addition to our specialist expertise and experience, we manage our clients’ money like our own, always considering that there are individual goals, specific needs and hopes behind every investment.

Global Funds


Global real estate
This investment strategy gives you exposure to global listed real estate markets through our actively managed funds that invest in the global developed real estate sector. Through these funds you can diversify across countries and currencies, and enjoy the benefit of daily liquidity.

South African Funds


South African real estate
The team in charge of our actively managed South African funds have been in place since the infancy of the South African real estate sector. They have a consistent track record of achieving returns in excess of the benchmark at lower than benchmark risk levels.

Alternative Funds


Alternative Funds
Alternative Funds are for sophisticated investors who are looking for exceptional returns and who are willing to take on increased risk to achieve such returns.

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