About us

Catalyst Fund Managers is a specialist real estate investor. We are part of the Catalyst Group, an independent group of real estate companies offering commercial real estate management, asset management, financing and research-based investment expertise.

What we do
We manage listed real estate portfolios for institutional investors mainly. Real estate is our passion and our sole area of specialisation. We focus on listed real estate securities, that is, real estate investment companies that are listed and trade on stock exchanges.

Our history
Based on a belief in the merits of real estate investing and a passion for building an owner-managed business with long-term sustainability, Catalyst Fund Managers was born. When we were first established in 2001, we originally focused on South African listed real estate companies. In 2005 we started developing our global capability and in 2007 we extended our offering and began managing global real estate portfolios.

How we work
The specialised way in which we approach constructing real estate portfolios ensures we add real value to our clients’ portfolios.

  • Our commitment is to provide our clients with a securitised real estate portfolio solution that takes into account their total return objectives, risk tolerance, investment horizon and liquidity requirements.
  • Our objective is to identify value opportunities based on total return in a real estate and company-specific risk/return framework. Our valuation methodology is designed specifically for real estate assessment.
  • Our approach is research-driven and long-term orientated. Our independent internal company research capability consolidates real estate knowledge with company-specific features.

Why Catalyst?

  • We are a focused specialist.
  • Our team has unrivalled, in-depth knowledge of real estate markets.
  • We are fiercely independent and our decision making is focused on generating long-term returns.
  • We are privately owned and committed to an owner-managed culture that underpins our long-term approach to investing and our commitment to cultivating long-term trust with our clients.
  • As colleagues, we acknowledge each other’s families and broader communities. This family culture reflects in our work ethic and the way we do business.