JO’S SCHOOL is a Pre-school for aids-affected and

vulnerable children

Jo’s School provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for 50 Aids-affected and vulnerable 3- to 6-year-olds from the economically destitute community of Vrygrond in the Western Cape. Using Montessori teaching methods, learners are given the best possible start to their young lives through a full preschool education and introduction to practical life skills. In addition, they also receive a nutritious daily breakfast, lunch and snacks and have access to safe and stimulating after-school and holiday care.

Read more about the work being done at the school on their website

APRIL 2019 - Our "Hippity Hoppity Easter Egg Drive" was very successful this year. We were able to deliver an assortment of easter eggs to the children of Jo's School for their easter egg hunt. The children eagerly await this annual event and simply love looking for their treats.
JULY 2018 - A few of the Catalyst staff paid a visit to Jo's School recently. Armed with delicious cupcakes, apples and art supplies for the children. They were very excited to meet us and happily showed us the various activities they were involved in.
APRIL 2018 - There was great excitement this year when the staff at Catalyst collected easter eggs for the children at Jo's School