We believe in the benefits of investing in real estate.

High income yield

Because the income investors receive is secured against a contracted pool of leases, the income stream on real estate investments is relatively predictable.

Reduced volatility

The high income return relative to total return reduces capital volatility and increases return certainty. In addition, the frequent renegotiation of leases provides protection against longer-term unanticipated inflation.


Real estate performance has a low correlation with other asset classes. Including the asset class in a multi-asset class portfolio can therefore deliver enhanced risk-adjusted returns (better returns at the same level of risk).

Potential for long-term capital growth

Capital growth is a function of income growth. Over the long term, the value of real estate appreciates, which enhances the income stream.

Access to larger assets without assuming the full investment

Investors can access a broad range of geographical, building and tenant profiles through fewer investments.

Lower costs and flexibility

Lower transaction costs and enhanced liquidity mean investment managers have more flexibility in making decisions about allocation and can select the company they wish to invest in. The costs and effort of managing real estate investments are also less than acquiring and managing physical properties.

Get the best of both worlds

In addition to the benefits inherent to real estate investment, our team’s real estate expertise and experience enables you to access the top opportunities and management capabilities. Real estate investing is our passion and our speciality. This means we know how to make the most of the benefits above to ensure optimal investment outcomes for our clients.